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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lori and the Boys

Lori, Tre and Will arrived on June 7 for a visit. I think it was quite an experience for the boys. Tre is 9 and Will is 6 and it was their first trip out of the U.S. Everything they saw was a thrill for them. They saw their first coconuts growing from a palm tree, their first iguanas, first land crabs, first time snorkeling in the ocean. The weather was threatening thunderstorms for a few of the days they were here, so we spent several days hanging around the boat, but there was plenty to occupy them here. We still have the boat in Marina Paraiso and there is a pool they could swim in. Tom, who runs the marina, has a fiance named Elizabeth who has a 5 year old son named Francisco and Tre and Will had fun playing with Francisco. Even though Francisco only speaks Spanish they managed to communicate pretty well. There is a second-floor deck at one end of the pool and Tre and Will were jumping from it into the pool and having a blast.

There is reef all up and down the coast of Isla Mujeres and beyond, but there is a pretty good section right outside the cut into the harbor. There is a pretty strong current in most places, but this particular spot lies in an eddy and the current is much less. There is a mooring ball you can tie the dinghy to and if you get out there before 9:30 or so in the morning you beat the tour boats and have the mooring ball and the reef all to yourself. Tom took us out to the reef in his panga (a motor boat). They were truly amazed at the number and variety of reef fish swimming all around them. I don't know the names of all the different fish we saw, but there were some really large, brightly colored parrot fish, several different varieties of angel fish, groupers, hog fish, and tons of small brightly-colored fish of various descriptions.

We wanted the boys to see some Mayan ruins and a cenote, so one day we took them to Tulum, which is south of Cancun. The ruins at Tulum are right on the ocean and there is a beach at the ruins where you can swim in the ocean, so the boys had a good time touring the ruins and swimming on the beach. There are several cenotes around Tulum and I had heard the ones called "Dos Ojos" (two eyes in Spanish) were pretty good, so after touring the ruins we had lunch and caught a bus to the cenotes. The boys were so tired after the ruins and swimming on the beach that they really didn't want to go to the cenotes. Nancy and I knew, though, that once they saw the cenote, they would completely forget how tired they were. The bus let us off at the entrance to the dirt road leading to the cenotes. It is about a mile from this point to the actual cenotes and instead of walking, we hired a Mayan man and his son to drive us to the cenotes on their 4-wheelers. We bounced along this dirt path, 4 people on one 4-wheeler and 3 on the other, trying our best not to bounce off. Once we got to the first of the two cenotes and walked down the path to the entrance of the cavern, sure enough, the boys forgot about being tired. We spent about 15 minutes swimming in each of the two cenotes and by that time Nancy, Lori and I were worn out.

We really enjoyed Lori and the boys' visit and think they enjoyed it as well. We missed seeing Tim, but hopefully he'll be able to come for a visit next year.


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